The Blog World Portrait Picture Page
.the idea: collecting an awful lot of mini pictures from blog owners all over the world and put them on one site + name + link

.the rules: are very simple, just do a portrait of yourself, resize it to a good looking 32x32 pixel gif everything else is allowed as long as one can identify it as a portrait

.the participation: just send us your 32x32 gif attached to a mail containing name or nickname + link
Here we go...
.the number: 29

.the size: 34.1kb

sheddah feddah Nicole Al Laura prinz yousuf leddah Beth Etan Kerner Nathalie Chicha mary ann Kim Melanie Erica Steve Bowbrick propictales r@d@r tenika Greg Soon Tish avalee fraise Ivy juice Constantin mr. pig Allan meika Susan